Friday, July 9, 2010

TobleronePilipinas: My Epic Friend contest entry :)

This is Carmela Romano ,
my epic friend not just for 5, 10 or 15 years but all the (24) years of
our lives. We are so inseparable since childhood. We gone to the
same schools and some people have mistaken us for being twins because
we usually have the same haircuts, dress colors and other
accessories. In college, we live in the same boarding house and shared
everything what we had just like a real sister do. I’m so grateful to
have her, she cheers me up when I’m down and always there to listen
and give me some advices. But now, we gone to separate ways: I’m
already married and a fulltime mom, while she’s currently working
in Cebu City as call center representative, we seldom talk and see
each other but we always find time to keep in touch, our friendship
never ends there and it will never be.

Thanks for everything
Gang! Love you Lots!


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