Monday, May 9, 2011

Smart Share the Moment Winning Experience :)

I joined the Smart Share the Moment Promo Last April 27, 2011 via Facebook.
Here's my Gimmick Moment:

It’s my dad’s birthday and we are all excited to celebrate it in the beach, have picnic, swimming, videoke and of course we’ll capture all the moments together. As celebrating my dad's birthday, these will also serves us as the bonding moments with some of our relatives for this is the only time that where’re all together (summer and vacation time). We are going to Aroma Beach Resort, located in Campuyp,Manjuyod Negros Oriental. I prepared some desert like buko salad, my hubby make some kinilaw  and sinugba. We have cake, adobo, fried chicken and more. We reserved rooms for us to stay for the whole night til 10am the next day.  We also prepared some games for children and adults. For sure this will be a big blast to all especially to my papa.

Last May 6, I  received an e-mail from Miss Sherry Tan of Smart Communications Inc. telling me that I'm one of the short listed winners of their promo. And in order to win the said prizes, I must participate in an on air interview via Killerbee Cebu with Dj Stein. And yes I did it! Last May 9, at 3pm-5pm, I was aired lived in Killerbee Cebu with Dj Stein. It was a great experienced (first time ko hehehe).

After the said interview, I received this e mail from Miss Sherry Tan:

Good news: You're the winner of Smart Buddy Lahattxt 30s Combo's Share the Moment Promo


Thank you for participating live on radio for our Smart Buddy Lahattxt 30 Combo’s Share the Moment Reality Radio Show!

Congratulations, you just won the following:
·         1 Nokia X201
·         1 Smart Buddy SIM
·         Php 5000 Smart Buddy Load
·         1 Gift pack (1 Buddy Let’s play shirt, 1 Smart Sling Bag c/o Loadstar, 1 Smart Sports Bottle, 1 Smart Notebook)

You will receive it within 3 weeks before May 30. 

This will be delivered to your mailing address via LBC.  Please ensure you have (1) valid ID.  If you’re not around to claim, please prepare authorization letter and leave your ID with the person claiming it.

I will email again once it’s couriered via LBC so you know when to expect it.

If you have any questions, please do so via email so your names are identified immediately.  Thank you for your patience. 

Congratulations again for winning!!!  Thank you for using Smart!

Weeee!! A big Thanks to Smart Communications Inc. and Killerbee Cebu for the chance and great experience!! :)

Thank you LORD for the blessing!!! :)

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  1. hi sis, please follow Occasions of Joy and get a chance to win grendha jelly, don't forget to comment and mention on this link that you were referred by me - Michelle Ame...thanks =)