Saturday, May 5, 2012

My fave UNILAB brand. :)

Ceelin syrup is one of my favorite brand from Unilab. Actually my son were taking this regularly ever since to have a strong natural defense system of the body. They love the taste of thisAscorbic Acid and in fact they are not having any trouble ingesting this pleasant tasting of  Vitamin C. They were not actually having any health issues during the time because Ceelin Syrup was keeping them protected and strong enough to fight diseases. Their stamina is very strong and they doesn't get sick often. They were in fact not having even the common colds and coughs and had strong resistance even if they were with children suffering from these kinds of common health problem. That's why I consider Ceelin Syrup as my partner in protecting my son’s health and well-being.

This is my official entry for UNILAB's ongoing contest.
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