Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Win 4 boxes of Melty Kiss specially hand carried by our sister, Gossip Gehl.

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contest ends on MArch 4,2010.

for my entry:
How I spend my Love monTh? :)

It's just simple as staying in our house with my two boys (hubby and son) having some movie marathon during weekend and food-tripping. With that month were all waiting for the big day. Yey! I'm 9 mos pregnant last month and having scheduled for delivery on Feb. 19, 2010 that's why we are not able to go out. :) But we really had fun still. Feeling the excitement for the coming of our new baby. It's another blessing for the family. That Love month was really filled with LOVE with my family esp. when the big day has come. I feel so much LOVE with my Family, relatives, friends by showing their support. Not just last month is our LOVE month, definitely every month. :)


  1. hi sis...just visiting your site. keep on writing.

    hope you can visit and follow mine too.

  2. thnx sis..

    im still exploring the site..hehehe..
    done following you.. :)mwaahh!!

  3. hi sis..... just saw it this am lang hahahha........ hows u dear friend

  4. thanks for joining! will announce the winner later today :D

  5. yehheyy!! hope I can make it! :)