Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prizes Galore!

I won this from Maybelline Philippines ;)
Received my Maybelline Prize thru Air 21! Thanks Maybelline Philippines :)

Garnier complete lightening skincare kit worth 1k+.
I won from hit a bargain ;)
Prize from MOMCENTER :)
winning the monthly draw, pregant mum category
My hubby won the 2nd prize from JAy.ELx's first mini cntest.. :)
Toby's sport poloycarbonate water bottle worth 494p.
I won from Hit a bargain :)

I won a G-force DVD from K-zone..:)
by answering their quest. on "How can KIDS be a hero in their own small ways?"

So far, these are the prizes I got sa kakajoin ko ng mga online contests and freebies..
Thanks God for all the Blessings he poured unto us! as in so thankful! :)

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