Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How do you intend to spend this Summer with your kids?

I will spend summer with my toddlers (2yrs old and 1yr. old sons) by just staying in our house rather than travelling. I will let them experience the FUN and at the same time LEARNING for the entire summer. In the early morning, I will read them some books and show some flash cards. It is a great way to do it early as they are more alert and attentive. I will prepare them Juice and snacks, for Every toddler would love to drink juice. Showing them how to make a juice and transfer to cups can be a fun activity. Toddlers can be guided through the entire process.

As afternoon can be quite hot outdoors, indoor crafts would be great. Coloring books and forming some crafts with paper with me and daddy will do. I will also let them play with their toys like balls, lego, magnetic letters and watch their DVDs (Rhymes, sing along or cartoon movies). And of course let them to take a nap for a couple of hours.

Then, I will bring them in the garden and let them participate in watering our plants. Toddlers love to water the plants as it is a fun activity with water. They could be guided to water plants with a small hose or with small mugs.
I will also let them play with neighboring children with some outdoor games.  It is also time to introduce a bicycle ride for Kuya.

In these simply way of spending our summer will really make them happy. So much bonding, fun, learning, and yet its not costly.

Note: This is my entry for Mom and Kids Magazine 
          February Issue and luckily they picked it! :)

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